Experts named the cities with the highest growth in prices for new buildings

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The largest increase in prices for new buildings in 2020 was recorded in Kemerovo, Murmansk, Khabarovsk, Tula and Naberezhnye Chelny. This was announced on December 24 by the World of Apartments portal.

In Kemerovo, the cost of a “square” in a new building increased to 59 thousand rubles (+ 32.9%), in Murmansk – to 67 thousand rubles (+ 32.5%), in Khabarovsk – to 106 thousand rubles (+30, 7%), in Tula – up to 72.5 thousand rubles (+ 30.6%), in Naberezhnye Chelny – up to 65.7 thousand rubles (+ 30%).

“The main driver of growth this year was the mortgage with state support – it stimulated consumer demand and enabled developers to raise prices. In addition, the market for new buildings is increasingly shifting to project financing, which gives developers a large margin of safety and allows them to not so much depend on the vicissitudes of demand. The fall of the ruble against the dollar also played a role, ”the portal says.

In Moscow, the price increase was 17% – up to 260 thousand rubles, in St. Petersburg the cost of a “square” increased by 18.8% – up to 150 thousand rubles. In the Moscow region, the price per square meter in a new building rose to 111 thousand rubles (+ 14.3%). In general, in 70 cities of the country with a population of more than 300 thousand people, the average cost of a “square” has increased by 19%.

Earlier, on December 22, it became known that the demand for premium housing in Russia increased by 42%.

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