EW specialists showed the fight against drones during exercises in Siberia

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Servicemen of the electronic warfare (EW) units of the combined arms formation of the Central Military District (CVO) during exercises in the Kemerovo Region disrupted the navigation of the imaginary enemy’s strike drones. This was announced on Monday, April 12, by the RF Ministry of Defense.

According to the concept of the exercise, the mock enemy was going to strike at military infrastructure facilities with drones. After receiving intelligence, the calculations of the electronic warfare systems “Borisoglebsk” and “Zhitel” moved to the designated area, the department said.

It is noted that the military were able to repel the attack of the sabotage and reconnaissance group of the mock enemy. In addition, upon arrival, the EW specialists deployed control points and installed radio interference, thanks to which the UAV control channels, as well as communication channels with GPS navigation satellites, were drowned.

Earlier, on April 12, Izvestia wrote that the electronic warfare (EW) troops of the Baltic and Northern fleets held exercises in March, during which ultra-long-range electronic warfare stations were tested.

On April 6, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced that the Armed Forces have begun control checks during the winter training period, within the framework of which more than four thousand tactical, tactical-special and bilateral exercises will be held. It was reported that in April it is planned to hold more than 4 thousand exercises of various scales, of which 812 are bilateral, at 101 training grounds and 520 facilities of the training and material base.