Evelina Bledans, who declared life for a thousand rubles, bought an apartment in the center of Moscow

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Actress Evelina Bledans announced on her Instagram about buying an apartment in the center for her son Sema.

The artist said that she had acquired real estate after returning from a pilgrimage trip to Crimea. Blendas, 51, indicated that this was her first apartment and announced her search for “allies to create an island of unconditional love.”

“Any help will come in handy: advice, deed, and materials. Let Semochka have an apartment! I want to fill it with bright unusual details so that it is very creativĕ and stylish̆, ”she wrote in a post about buying an apartment.

The Tsarskaya Ploshchad RC is indicated as the location for the photo.

This submission of the post was perceived by subscribers in different ways. Some wrote aggressively: “Have you just bought an apartment ?! And where did they huddle before? In a communal apartment? In the slums in the Mytishchi area? ” Others were sincerely happy for the actress: “I know that everything is fine with you, but it will be even better. You are brave, purposeful, you are a beauty and not a bore. You have wonderful children, and men … Only a real and dear one should be around. We are waiting for a photo of the apartment. “

Earlier, Bledans said that she could live on a thousand rubles a day. Thus, Bledans expressed support for the former gymnast and presenter Laysan Utyasheva, who announced her readiness to live on 50 thousand rubles a month. According to the actress, people like her and Utyasheva are loved by the people, and therefore they will be fed, sheltered and dressed everywhere.

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