Erdogan calls on Macron again to have his mental health examined

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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan again attacked his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron on Sunday, reiterating his doubts about his mental health, the day after similar remarks led to a strong reaction from Paris who recalled his ambassador “for consultations”.

During a televised speech in the city of Malatya in Anatolia (east), the Turkish president accused Mr. Macron of being “obsessed with Erdogan day and night”.

“This is a case, and as a result, he really needs to undergo (mental) exams,” he added.

Two weeks ago, Mr. Erdogan denounced as a provocation the statements of his French counterpart on “Islamist separatism” and the need to “structure Islam” in France, while the executive presented its future bill. on this theme.

Mr. Erdogan had driven the point home on Saturday in a televised speech, denouncing President Macron’s positions vis-à-vis Muslims.

“All you can say about a head of state who treats millions of members of different religious communities in this way is: go for mental health examinations first,” he said. declared.

“Macron needs to be treated,” he added.

Thursday evening, during the tribute ceremony to Samuel Paty, professor beheaded in an Islamist attack, Emmanuel Macron had notably promised that France would continue to defend the cartoons.

In reaction to Saturday’s remarks, the French presidency denounced “unacceptable” remarks and recalled the French ambassador to Ankara, a first in Franco-Turkish diplomatic relations.

Tensions in the Mediterranean with Greece to the conflict in Libya, through the clashes in Nagorno Karabakh, where Ankara supports Azerbaijan against Armenia, many issues currently oppose Paris and Ankara.

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