Environmental audit to be conducted at the infamous Belorechensk MSW landfill

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An environmental audit will be conducted at the Belorechensky solid municipal waste landfill with the participation of the international company Suez, the press service of the regional administration reports. Previously, the landfill acquired a notorious reputation, bringing great inconvenience to local residents. Due to serious violations at the dump, the garbage rotted, and people began to complain about the stench emanating from it.

The Governor of the Krasnodar Territory, Veniamin Kondratyev, instructed to deal with the problem and bring the landfill into proper condition. Violations were eliminated, a new general director of the enterprise JSC “Krazhilkomresurs” Alexander Guiman was appointed. However, the landfill is still under the special control of the authorities.

On the eve, one of the traditional inspections of the landfill was carried out by employees of design organizations and the public council under the Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resources. The specialists got acquainted with the lines for sorting and pressing waste, with the technological processes of burial and sorting of MSW, as well as the work of cleaning stations. In addition, the experts talked with the activists of the Belorechensky district and listened to their proposals on the modernization of the landfill.

– We want to establish a dialogue with the population. Show people that we are a public company that operates in accordance with the requirements of the law. And we understand that in this matter it is important for residents to hear an independent assessment of experts, ”Guiman admitted.

The inter-municipal landfill has been in operation for three years. The facility processes and disposes of 52 types of various waste from the population and enterprises from Sochi, Goryachiy Klyuch, Apsheronsky, Tuapse and Belorechensky districts.

An environmental audit will help assess how carefully the company now treats the environment and whether it uses natural resources rationally. The audit participants will then discuss how the facility’s performance can be optimized.

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