“Enough about the environment”: fans of the singer Nyusha did not like her post about deforestation on Lake Baikal

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The famous Russian singer Nyusha made a post on her Instagram, in which she expressed her attitude to the law on deforestation on Lake Baikal.

– You may have read about the construction of roads on the BAM, – wrote Nyusha. – And when their requirements were simplified, ecologists and residents of Lake Baikal, of course, were agitated by this news … But today it became clear that, thanks to the President, no one will be allowed to cut down the forests of the unique Lake Baikal. On the contrary, it was instructed to tighten environmental requirements for everything that can change the landscape of the Baikal lands.

The singer accompanied the post with a photo of herself in a turquoise swimsuit. Moreover, it stands against the background of an ancient staircase, and not Baikal.

The photo went to the fans, but the “Baikal theme” – not very much. “Nu, but when will there be music news?”, “Tell us better about the new video,” some commentators wrote. Others were even tougher.

“You are more suited to singing songs than talking on political topics,” said one user. – Everyone must do their job!

And another added: “Enough about the environment. This is not interesting to anyone. We are subscribed to you, because we appreciate your work, I would write better about it. “

Note that the law on clear cutting of forests for the construction of the Baikal-Amur Mainline and the Trans-Siberian Railway near Lake Baikal has caused fierce controversy both in Buryatia and in the Irkutsk Region. But, as it turned out, absolutely all Russians do not care about this topic.

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