English Public Health “forgets” 15,000 cases of COVID

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UK Public Health has been forced to revise its daily COVID-19 toll upwards after “forgetting” 15,481 positive cases.

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Normally, these cases should have been counted in the daily reports from September 25 to October 2.

In a statement, the acting director of public health, Michael Brodie, said that a “technical problem” was at the origin of the mess.

“A technical problem was spotted, in the night from Friday to Saturday, in the data collection system which sends the number of positive results from the laboratory to the dashboard which reports the number of cases”, can we read in the declaration.

However, the problem had no impact for people with the virus who, for their part, received their diagnosis within “normal” times, said Mr. Brodie.

Public Health said the majority of these cases, around 75%, occurred in the past few days, from September 30 to October 2.

According to data from Johns Hopkins University, the UK had 409,534 cases and 37,574 deaths linked to COVID-19 as of Sunday.

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