[EN DIRECT] All the developments of the pandemic

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Whether in Quebec or elsewhere on the planet, the COVID-19 pandemic has been disrupting our lives for several months.

Here you will find all the news throughout the day related to this crisis affecting the population, governments and the economy.



Case: 33 700 008
Death: 1 008 874


Case: 156,961, 73,450 in Quebec

Death: 9,291 deaths, 5,833 in Quebec

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8:28 am | Professional orders must be consulted by the government when taking measures that affect professionals or students in regulated professions, recommends a report from the Quebec Interprofessional Council.

8:16 am | After the country’s four main airports – Montreal, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver – 11 new airports have now been equipped for temperature checks since September 23.

[EN DIRECT]  All the developments of the pandemic

6:46 am | France: explosion in the number of new precarious workers during confinement.

[EN DIRECT]  All the developments of the pandemic

The Secours populaire recorded an explosion in requests for food aid during the spring confinement in France, where nearly one in two applicants was a newcomer, according to the association’s latest barometer published on Wednesday.

During the two months of confinement decided by the authorities to counter the pandemic, 1,270,000 people requested help from the Secours populaire in its reception centers – compared to 3.3 million applicants throughout 2019. Among the applicants, 45% were previously unknown to the association, indicates this barometer carried out with the research firm Ipsos.

“An absolutely enormous figure”, warns Henriette Steinberg, secretary general of Secours populaire. “But I’m afraid it’s still on the rise,” she told AFP.

The confinement has also accentuated educational inequalities, with the “lack of computer equipment (computers, printers) and internet access to follow the school remotely, cramped housing does not allow isolation to study in peace », Underlines the association, estimating that 500,000 children would have dropped out of school.

Students, many of whom have odd jobs to finance their studies, represent another category hard hit by the crisis and the unemployment that accompanied it.

6:41 am | The coronavirus got the better of one of Seoul’s oldest nightclubs.

[EN DIRECT]  All the developments of the pandemic

Nestled amid the neon lights of a Seoul neighborhood known for its nightlife, one of the oldest nightclubs in the South Korean capital, Club MWG, closed its doors this weekend due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Founded in 1994, Club MWG had its heyday in the 90s when fringe nightclubs were still scarce in Seoul.

Located in the nightlife district of Hongdae, this intimate space that can accommodate 200 people owed its notoriety to the “indy” groups and famous DJs who performed there as well as to its LGBT parties.

But over the past decade the nightclub has faced increased competition.

And the novel coronavirus pandemic, which has repeatedly forced all Seoul nightclubs to close their doors since May, has dealt a fatal blow to Club MWG.

“I have the impression that my limbs are being torn off,” owner Kim Eun-hui told AFP after her establishment closed.

To keep her club open, she has always fought, not hesitating to work as a construction worker, private teacher or even as a part-time housekeeper.

But since the restrictive measures taken to stem the epidemic came into effect, she has failed to earn enough money to pay the facility’s rent.

“I didn’t want to give up … but he ended up succumbing to the coronavirus,” she regrets.

6:35 am | France does not envisage for the moment a “general closure of universities”.

[EN DIRECT]  All the developments of the pandemic

The French Minister of Higher Education Frédérique Vidal ruled out Wednesday for the moment a “general closure of universities” despite the resurgence of the coronavirus epidemic.

So far “a few dozen sites have been closed”, often by schools with only one building, she said on Europe 1 radio.

The National Public Health Agency recently pointed out that a third of the clusters are now located in schools and universities, without differentiating between the two.

“We know that the contagiousness of students is stronger than that of children, in particular because of their outdoor activities,” said Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer in an interview with the daily Le Figaro on Wednesday.

“There are obviously contaminations observed in universities”, for her part replied Frédérique Vidal, suggesting that they often took place outside institutions.

“When there is a proven case, it’s easy to test the whole promotion,” she said.

6:33 am | Coronavirus: Belgium passes the milestone of 10,000 dead.

[EN DIRECT]  All the developments of the pandemic

Belgium, one of the European countries most bereaved by the coronavirus pandemic, crossed the 10,000 dead mark on Wednesday, according to figures from the public health institute Sciensano.

This country of about 11.5 million inhabitants with a high population density recorded 10,001 deaths, or 13 (well 13) more in the last 24 hours, and 117,115 positive cases in total, against 115,353 the day before. , according to the daily report of Sciensano.

The Belgian authorities opted from the start of the pandemic seven months ago for a broad census of deaths, adding those occurring in hospital and in retirement homes.

Deaths possibly linked to the virus were also included, without necessarily that a test could have confirmed this suspicion.

During the peak of the pandemic in April, Belgium had recorded for ten days more than 250 daily deaths, with a record of 321 on April 8, still according to figures from Sciensano.

The 5,000 dead mark was crossed on April 17.

Since the summer, screening capacities have increased sharply, leading to a sharp rebound in the curve of positive cases, particularly marked in September with the end of holidays and the start of school and university.

5h33 | Disney cuts 28,000 jobs.

Disney announced Tuesday the loss of 28,000 jobs in the United States in its activities related to amusement parks, citing the impact of the pandemic on its revenues and in particular the closure of Disneyland for more than six months.

[EN DIRECT]  All the developments of the pandemic

5:14 am | No shortage to be expected.

Despite the second wave of COVID-19, there is no shortage to fear for hygiene products such as toilet paper and kitchen rolls, manufacturers and retailers assure.

[EN DIRECT]  All the developments of the pandemic

5:09 am | Overflows in emergencies are scary.

The outbursts experienced by emergencies in several regions of Quebec raise fears of the worst with the second wave of COVID-19 which begins to surge.

[EN DIRECT]  All the developments of the pandemic

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TO READ | “A disaster” -Michel Barrette.

Being this week in Rouyn-Noranda, where he must present until Wednesday evening his “special COVID” show entitled Without mask, Michel Barrette was not overflowing with enthusiasm when The newspaper got it on the phone.

[EN DIRECT]  All the developments of the pandemic

Archive photo, Chantal Poirier

0h00 | Bars and restaurants: promotions for the “last night”.

Several Montreal bars and restaurants are running promotions with the aim of attracting customers Wednesday evening for the “last night” before the 28-day period of closure, which begins Thursday for regions in the red zone.

[EN DIRECT]  All the developments of the pandemic

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