[EN DIRECT 28 NOVEMBRE] All developments in the COVID-19 pandemic

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You will find here all the news throughout the day related to this crisis which has hit the population, governments and the economy for several months.



Case: 61 743 588

Death: 1 444 648


Case: 356 240, 138 163 in Quebec

Death: 11,856 deaths, 6,984 in Quebec


7:59 am | COVID-19: Rapid tests being tested on passengers at Vancouver airport.

Passengers on domestic flights passing through Vancouver Airport have been able to volunteer since Friday to participate in a rapid study for COVID-19, a first in Canada.

Vancouver Airport has announced that this rapid screening study is being conducted in conjunction with airline WestJet, CTV News reported.

Any British Columbian passenger between the ages of 19 and 80 traveling on a domestic flight with WestJet can participate in the screening.

Volunteers will be able to register, be tested and then get their results in 20 minutes, an airport representative told the outlet.

“This makes it a feasible option for a study in the live airport environment,” he added.

Testing has certain limitations, however: passengers must not have tested positive for COVID-19 within the past 90 days and they can only be tested on the day of travel.

The screening station will only be open Monday through Friday during the morning rush hour, CTV News reported.

Passengers who test positive will also need to be tested with diagnostic methods already approved in Canada and will not be able to continue their journey. They can then change or cancel their flight free of charge with WestJet.

A rapid screening pilot project had already been implemented in November at the Calgary airport, but it is aimed at Canadians coming from international flights, the media said.

7:38 am | Germany: Anti-virus restrictions possibly until spring.

Restrictive measures to combat the coronavirus are likely to last until spring in Germany, the Minister of the Economy warned in an interview on Saturday.

“We have three or four long winter months ahead of us,” Peter Altmaier told Die Welt daily.

“A lot will depend” on the arrival of a vaccine, he said. But “it is possible that the restrictions will also continue in the first months of 2021”, he added.

Germany, which has resisted the pandemic rather better than many neighboring countries, but is currently struggling to contain the second wave of Covid-19, decided on Wednesday to toughen its measures to fight the virus.

The objective is to further reduce the possibilities of contacts until the beginning of January, by limiting the number of participants in family reunions to 5 for example, with exceptions for the end of year celebrations.

In front of the deputies, Chancellor Angela Merkel had justified this new turn of the screw by the still “too high” level of new infections, even though they were “falling at high speed in some neighboring countries”, without citing them .

France, subjected in November to a more severe containment than Germany, is one of the countries where daily cases have fallen sharply. The country has decided to gradually ease its restrictions.

In Germany, new daily cases still exceeded 21,000 on Saturday, while the number of deaths increased in 24 hours by 379, for a total of 15,965, according to the Robert Koch health watch institute.

TO READ | After nearly nine months of this pandemic, we are finally starting to receive news that allows us to glimpse the future with optimism: a vaccine, in the fairly near future, to neutralize this coronavirus which has profoundly changed our lives.

7:06 am | Many Quebecers took advantage of Black Friday to visit shopping centers, where it was sometimes difficult to respect physical distancing despite the surveillance of security agents and some police officers.

5:10 am | The milestone of 400,000 dead from Covid-19 was crossed on Saturday in Europe, the second most affected region in the world, part of which will reopen its stores this weekend as the end of the year holidays approach.

3h27 | Germany: one of the world’s largest “hubs” is preparing for the transport of the vaccine.

1h09 | Sputnik V: also for vaccines, Hungary is apart.

0h36 | Many citizens were ignited on the web Friday, denouncing the large participation in Black Friday in shopping centers that many consider “illogical” and “irresponsible”, in the context of a pandemic.

0H00 | The few symptoms in the majority of patients and the competition between studies to test drugs against COVID-19 has led to a shortage of guinea pigs in Canada.

[CHRONIQUE] Beyond the vaccine, here is another important breakthrough on COVID-19.

0h00 | Residents of CHSLDs and healthcare workers will be the first to be vaccinated against COVID-19, when Canada receives its first doses in early 2021. But then the choices may be more complicated to make, say some experts.

0h00 | Dr. Guy Boivin and his team at the CHU de Québec say they have discovered two molecules whose effectiveness is “as good, if not better” than remdesivir in the fight against COVID-19.

Dr Guy Boivin

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Dr Guy Boivin

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