Eighth case of coronavirus infection recorded in one of the houses of Petrozavodsk

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The map of Petrozavodsk has once again been marked on the homes of patients with coronavirus. As of July 30, there are 16 addresses. For the first time, the outbreak was identified on the streets of Ostrovsky, 54, Perevalochnaya, Pravdy, 44, Stansionnaya, 28 and Entuziastov, 15.

12 more addresses have already appeared on the map. So, in the house on Lesnoy Avenue, 11, the eighth case of the disease was discovered, on Rovio, 12, the fourth case, on Pervomaysky Avenue, 6 is also the fourth. Repeated cases of the disease were also found at the following addresses: Drevlyanka street, 17k1, Internatsionalistov boulevard, 2B, Lososinskoe shosse, 33k3, Neubrandenburgskaya street, 18, Pitkyarantskaya, 32, Solomenskoe shosse, 9B, Chistaya street, 8 and 2.

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