Eight Photogenic Wedding Destinations Around The World

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Sure, you can get your wedding arranged in your native land but have you considered capturing your D-day pictures in a foreign land? If you have the budget and time, you can choose the best Asian wedding photographer in London and take them along on a trip to the best destinations around the world. We have specially curated a list of the best places for dreamy weddings and a pre-wedding shoot.

  1. Spain

If you have the right budget. Spain is ready to host one of the most dreamy weddings in your family. Spain has one of the most calming and relaxing places to through a grand wedding in. One can even go there for a pre-wedding shoot. We are sure it’s not much away from England. If you have already chosen the best Asian wedding photographer in London, we are sure by now you have already decided that Spain will be your pre-wedding destination! It’s all photographers’ personal favorite destination.

  1. Santorini

Greece, the land of Gods, is one of the most famous wedding destinations in the world. If a bride wishes to match the destination with her dress, nothing can be more perfect! The entire city is covered with white and blue paint which can be one ideal place to click the best wedding photos with your loved one. We are sure you will never be able to forget those beautiful sunsets behind your photos. Each one of them is different and breathtaking in its way. You can also take a tour around the city when you are done with the wedding rituals.

  1. Rome

A lot of Asian wedding photographers in London talk about this place for a gorgeous photo shoot. If you love historical sites, then this one is just the right place to create memories at. Rome had a lot of historian personalities with a lot of great deeds. The city of love is also famous as the best wedding destination. So, start your research and pick up some of the best places to capture!

  1. Paris

Choosing a wedding or shoot destination for the wedding can be a daunting task. Thinking about what you love and dream of visiting can help you find a way. Want to experience an alluring visit to France’s love capital Paris for a wedding shoot? We suggest you think no more and book the tour already. Many people dream of visiting Paris at least once in a lifetime. If you are one of them, it is this time of your life or never!

  1. Amalfi Coat

Many people dream of getting married in front of the fresh blue water and a breathtaking view. Amalfi Coast is the destination that will fulfill your dreams. One perk of choosing this stunning destination is that you won’t have to select another location for the shoot.

The streets of the coast can also act as a fabulous pre-wedding location. If you try to find out, we are sure you will find some great empty spots! Each can be taken from a different perspective.

  1. French Riviera

One of the first places in the world where the establishment of luxury resorts took place. This was considered as the royalties’ vacation spot back in the 19th century. So, if you are a royalty and history lover, this place is meant for you. The stretch of the location has sunshine throughout the year so, if you are looking for a non-cold place, we think this can suit your needs.

  1. Portugal

Did you know about those fairytale castles, and where in the world do they exist? Portugal is the answer to your confusion. This place has something unique for everyone in the line. Being near Spain, you can select one destination for the wedding and the other for a shoot. So, a beach wedding or a castle wedding, Portugal has got everything ready for you.

  1. Tuscany

Tuscany lies in the heart of Italy! This beautiful wedding destination is for all those in love with Italy’s beautiful streets filled with history and romance. If you are looking for a wedding under great architecture, the capital of Tuscany is the right place for you to make those memorable moments. We are sure your photographer can spread his magic around to get you some great wedding/ pre-wedding shoots.

Before you choose any of these destinations, we recommend you sit down and discuss the budget first. You might be thinking of these dreamy destinations and conclude canceling later because you did not have money. It’s always better to plan your wedding expenses.

If you want to hire an Asian wedding photographer in London, it is suggested to travel to nearby places. If you have a higher budget and can afford expensive trips, then it’s best to visit your motherland and get a big fat Asian wedding that no one can ever forget. We are sure it would be convenient as most of your relatives live in the motherland.