Eight people are lost in the Karelian forests, two are still looking

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In Karelia, eight people were lost in the forests in four days from 24 to 27 July. Not all were found, according to the Karelian Republican Search and Rescue Service. So, on the 26th, a family of three got lost in the forest. A woman and her two daughters were picking mushrooms near the village of Galzhievo in the Kemsky District. Rescuers took the victims out of the forest. On the same day, a message from two mushroom pickers arrived at the control panel of the “112” service, who got lost 10 kilometers from the village of Essoila in the Pryazhinsky district and 29 km of the Yalguba-Suisar highway in the Prionezhsky district. People left the forest on their own. A woman who was lost on July 27 in a forest, where rescuers were looking for her near the Myagreka reservoir, also got out on her own along the railway tracks.

The police are now using navigation and search equipment to continue their search for a 75-year-old woman who disappeared on 24 July. She went into the forest, which is located near the village of Povenets, Medvezhyegorsk district. Also looking for a 44 year old man. He got lost on July 25 in a forest on the 31st kilometer of the Kem-Kalevala highway in the Kemsky region. A huge part of the territory was surveyed, but people were still not found.

Residents of Karelia are asked to be careful when they go to the forest. It is better to walk near water bodies, railway tracks or power lines, and you need to take a mobile phone with a fully charged battery with you.

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