Efremov in jail became interested in table tennis

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Russian actor Mikhail Efremov, convicted of a fatal traffic accident in Moscow, became interested in table tennis in a pre-trial detention center. Human rights activist Ivan Melnikov told about this on Monday, October 12, to the TV channel “360”.

According to him, Efremov got the opportunity to play table tennis in the pre-trial detention center. The rackets were given to him by relatives after a previously voiced request. He is engaged in gym # 5, where there is a ping-pong table, as well as other exercise equipment.

Efremov can play tennis only with his cellmates – these are the internal rules.

Melnikov added that for health reasons, the actor cannot engage in any other sport. In addition to playing tennis, Efremov responds to letters from fans that come to him in large numbers, and is also preparing to consider the appeal on October 20, writes “Moscow 24”. In total, the artist and his defense filed seven complaints.

Mikhail Efremov was sentenced to eight years in prison for a fatal road accident on the evening of June 8 on the Garden Ring. The actor, being in a state of alcoholic intoxication, got behind the wheel of his SUV and crashed into the van of the courier Sergei Zakharov at high speed. A small truck driver died of his injuries a few hours after the accident.

They decided not to deprive the actor of state awards. The artist was ordered to pay one ruble each to the widow, brother and youngest son of the deceased in the accident. The court ordered the eldest son of the deceased to pay 800 thousand rubles, which Efremov reimbursed on October 1.

The convict refused the services of Elman Pashayev, already deprived of his legal status, referring to the fact that he set him up. Now Efremov is being defended by lawyers Vladimir Vasiliev and Roman Filippov.

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