Eco-monitoring mobile application to be developed in Ryazan

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Ryazan is planning to develop a mobile application for eco-monitoring. This became known at a round table dedicated to the environmental problems of the city.

Regional Duma deputy Grigory Parsentiev made a proposal to create a special supplement. According to him, now a difficult ecological situation has developed – for almost two weeks a specific smell was felt in the city, writes RIA “7novosti”.

The deputy stressed that the situation is urgent, and reminded that Ryazan already has a website called “Ecomonitor”, which allows you to track an unpleasant odor throughout the city. The project is planned to be developed further – in the future it will grow into a mobile application.

The application will receive all the collected information. This will allow the townspeople to “understand the situation,” said Parsentiev.

On October 26, Deputy Minister of Natural Resources Denis Khramov said that the Clean Air project is the most difficult and complex in the national project Ecology.

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