Dr. Myasnikov spoke about the ability of coffee to prevent cancer

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TV presenter and doctor Alexander Myasnikov on the air of “Russia-1” called “innuendo” about the dangers of coffee, which consists in arrhythmias and increased blood pressure. He emphasized that coffee is a healthy drink that prevents liver cancer and reduces heart attacks in the heart.

Coffee does not affect blood pressure and does not lead to arrhythmias, if this is a familiar drink for a person, Myasnikov believes. But this can happen if the person did not drink coffee and took it. At the same time, coffee is not able to prevent the development of thrombosis and cerebrovascular accident. Therefore, special drugs are needed to treat these diseases.

“Drink coffee for health,” added Myasnikov. It’s even useful for arrhythmias, the doctor added.

Recall that coffee should not be drunk on an empty stomach, as it can harm the digestive tract, according to many scientists.

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