Dr. Komarovsky named a factor that increases the risk of cancer by 80 percent

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An unexpected risk factor was reported by a renowned pediatrician.

Evgeny Komarovsky believes that the development of cancer can become sunburn in childhood.

In his opinion, there are two types of sun rays that damage the skin. The most aggressive and dangerous are UVA rays. They can cause damage at the DNA level and contribute to the appearance of malignant tumors.

UVB rays cause sunburn.

Both types of rays penetrate matter, which is why it is necessary to apply sunscreen all over the body.

According to the doctor, it is in childhood that the causes of melanoma, the most dangerous skin cancer, arise. This is why it is better to provide your child with safe sun exposure from an early age.

Komarovsky said that only 5 sunburns received in childhood increase the risk of developing melanoma by 80 percent, writes MedicForum.

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