Doubling the number of Covid-19 infected in Europe in ten days

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The number of coronavirus cases in Europe has more than doubled in the past ten days, according to Reuters calculations. On Thursday, the number of new cases in Europe exceeded 200,000 for the first time. On October 12, for the first time, the mark of 100 thousand cases was exceeded. According to the census, the total number of infected in Europe is 7.8 million, 247 thousand have died.

France alone recorded 41,622 new cases in the morning – a new maximum. This means that a total of 999,043 cases are known. Never before since the start of a pandemic in France has there been more infections in one day. The previous day, this figure was 15,000 lower. France has been particularly hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic. In the past seven days, the corona virus has infected 251 people per 100,000 inhabitants, according to the French government. The total number of infections is now about 999,000. The number of deaths from our neighboring country at the moment is 34,210 people.

As of Friday, October 23rd, the Robert Koch Institute is reporting 11,242 new infections, slightly less than the previous day (11,287). There are about 83,137 active cases in Germany. In the intensive care units, 1,030 patients with Covid-19 are being treated. The 4-day R value is 1.11.

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