Dormition of righteous Anna: what dishes on August 7 will bring good luck and wealth

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Today, August 7, and according to the old style July 25, the church commemorates Saint Anna, mother of the Virgin Mary and grandmother of Jesus Christ. Because of this, she is called the Divine Mother and is revered more than other saints.

Today it is customary to turn to righteous Anna with a request to help with infertility. In addition, the righteous woman protects the disadvantaged and offended, and also helps to heal from ailments.

By tradition, on the day of St. Anne, they learned what the coming winter would be like. If it’s cold outside and it’s raining, the coming winter will delight you with sunny days and warm weather. But if it is clear outside the window and there is no precipitation, then the winter will be frosty.

On the day of St. Anne, the Mother of God prepared dishes that were supposed to bring good luck and prosperity. We are talking about potato pancakes and cutlets.

According to popular belief, if a stray dog ​​meets on Anna’s day, expect a replenishment in the family, and meeting a ginger cat promises good luck.

What cannot be done on the feast of St. Anna:

– Engage in transplanting flowers.

– Leave the child alone in the room, even for a short time.

– To be greedy. It was believed that in order to attract good luck to the home, one must share food with the poor or needy.

– To do minor repairs of clothes and shoes.

Today, August 7, Alexander, Makar, Anna, Iraida celebrate name days.

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