Donald Trump graces the “corn” turkey for Thanksgiving

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It was his lucky day: the “Corn” turkey was saved from the pan by US President Donald Trump during the traditional presidential pardon before Thanksgiving, this year marked by the COVID pandemic -19.

“Thanksgiving is a special day for turkeys, not a very good one for most when you think about it,” commented the Republican billionaire, who was last bending in his tenure to a custom surrounding this larger-than-life family holiday. Christmas for many, where we usually meet around a stuffed turkey.

But this year, health officials have called on Americans to stay at home as positive COVID-19 cases explode again in a country where the pandemic has killed a total of nearly 260,000.

The government has high hopes for several vaccines that could quickly be authorized to start a mass vaccination campaign.

“We are grateful for the vaccines and therapies that will soon end the pandemic,” Trump said after thanking healthcare workers, social workers and scientists.

“It is an extraordinary feeling to know that they are coming and that they will probably arrive from next week or soon after”, he added, before granting his “complete grace” to “Corn” in the gardens of the White House.

She got this grace against another turkey after a vote on Twitter. But the unsuccessful candidate, “Cob” (“Ear”), will also be spared, according to tradition.

Raised on a farm in Walcott, Iowa, “Corn” and “Cob” will be placed in the good care of Iowa State University, where they will live a “very long, happy and memorable” retirement. , stressed Mr. Trump.

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