Donald Trump and the routed Republicans

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It smacks of defeat in Donald Trump’s camp and it is less and less clear that he will be able to reverse the trend.

The polls are more unfavorable to Donald Trump than they were in 2016, but this is not the only sign of defeat.

Every day, elected Republicans distance themselves from the president, fearing to be drawn with him into a defeat that would seriously weaken the party.

Trump has strengths, but those may well be insufficient for a remake of his 2016 comeback.

Crowds and enthusiasm

Donald Trump repeats to anyone who wants to hear him that he won the 2016 election down the stretch and he is counting on the enthusiasm generated by his rallies to repeat the feat.

However, its rallies are not as impressive as in 2016 and the atmosphere is not really hectic there anymore. As the public is weary of Trumpian escapades, they occupy less space in the media space than in 2016. Above all, these human masses agglutinated without masks and without distancing are an eloquent demonstration of Trump’s dangerously cavalier approach to the pandemic.

More importantly, if Trump supporters say they are more enthusiastic than Biden’s, the latter are as likely to vote, if not more.

For Trump, the arguments and the means are starting to be scarce.

A mown and disoriented countryside

The Trump campaign had a huge financial advantage at the start of the year, but it wasted a good chunk of its funds and is singularly cash-strapped. The result: Biden’s ad clearly dominates key states, and Democrats have more leverage to get the vote out.

In addition to the crux of the matter, what the Trump campaign lacks is a precise direction, a clear and meaningful message. Trump’s attempts to deflect attention to his opponent’s shortcomings, real or imagined, have failed, as have his laughable efforts to portray Democrats as dangerous leftists.

The last thing Republicans need to turn up the hill is the daily spectacle of a crazy president unable to explain why he should be given a second term.

Last chance debate

There is still a small slice of the electorate who could be persuaded to side with Trump and who believe him economically credible. What these hesitant voters would like to hear from him in tonight’s debate is a compelling plan to beat the pandemic and revive the economy.

Donald Trump, however, probably remains convinced that he will dominate the debate by accusing his counterpart of all sins and by repeating to whom better than his administration has perfectly managed the pandemic and that he has the magic formula to make it happen. the economy.

His rantings no longer convince anyone.

In any case, millions of voters have already voted and the proportion of those who could still change their mind is tiny. The end is coming.

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