Dog rescued after road accident in Tver died in clinic

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On December 19, a dog rescued after an accident died in Tver. This was reported by the volunteers of the Initiative Group for the Protection of Animals.

The last days of his life Rex was in intensive care, where he got after an accident. The dog was able to undergo an MRI scan, began to eat and came to a stable condition, but was on painkillers. Veterinarians diagnosed a vertebral fracture, a dislocated paw, and bruises on the back of the body. However, in recent days he has become sharply worse, the doctors planned to transfer him to strong painkillers, but did not have time.

It is reported that Rex most likely did not die due to injuries sustained in the accident. But the veterinarians will issue a verdict later.

Everyone who helped the dog was thanked for their participation. Rex spent the last days warm and died in caring hands, and not in a snow ditch.

Photo: Initiative Group for the Protection of Animals

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