Dog handlers named the five best guard dog breeds

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President of the Russian Cynological Federation (RKF) Vladimir Golubev told in an interview with RIA Novosti which breeds are best suited for house guarding. The organization has compiled the top 8 of these dogs.

“Guard dogs, as a rule, do not have close contact with humans and are very distrustful of strangers. Their protective behavior is partly due to breed characteristics, but they necessarily require training to ensure that the owner is able to control their behavior, ”said Golubev.

According to him, it is necessary to train dogs for the security service from puppyhood. They should be neutral to people and animals outside their territory, and on it their main task is to notify the owner of the approach of strangers, scare them away with barking and a formidable look, and only as a last resort – to attack.

The first place in the RKF rating was taken by the Caucasian Shepherd Dog, which is characterized by “distrust, aggressiveness towards strangers and animals.” In order for the Caucasian not to become uncontrollable, his training must begin already at the age of three to four weeks.

The second line is taken by the Moscow watchdog. “This is an agile, fast and hardy dog ​​that loves physical activity”, – the chairman of the Russian Cynological Federation described the breed. He added that this dog does not leave the designated area and always follows commands clearly. This breed needs constant training and attention.

The three leaders are closed by the Central Asian Shepherd Dog. “A fearless dog breed that almost never shows aggression first. Seeing a stranger on its territory, at first it barks and growls, and acts only if there is a provocation. Representatives of this breed have a strong character, and not everyone can cope with it, ”explained Golubev. Alabai need early socialization under the supervision of a professional dog handler and it is recommended to start them by an experienced owner.

This is followed by the Tibetan Mastiff, capable of independently making decisions and the Russian Black Terrier, which has a strong character, rarely shows aggression and is very cunning.

On October 5, the head of the public movement For Safety, Dmitry Kurdesov, proposed introducing compulsory dog ​​training courses for owners of large breed dogs. He sent the corresponding letter to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Vladimir Kolokoltsev.

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