Dodon accused opposition of putting pressure on government through farmers’ protests

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The current President of Moldova, Igor Dodon, believes that the opposition is behind the protests of farmers in Chisinau, thus trying to put pressure on the government. He stated this on the Prime TV channel.

“The farmers’ protest is being used for political purposes. We see that they were organized by deputies from the opposition formations of the parties Action and Solidarity and the Platform for Dignity and Truth, which are seeking the resignation of the government. We are ready to help farmers affected by drought, but we need to negotiate at the negotiating table. Nothing can be achieved by blocking the streets and making political statements, ”he said.

Farmers protesting in Chisinau demanded that the government abandon plans to increase value added taxes on agricultural products, on the income of individuals employed in agriculture, as well as to pay them compensation for losses incurred as a result of the drought. However, on Tuesday, about 100 protesters tried to block the streets in the city center and break into the government building. After being stopped by the police, they demanded the resignation of the cabinet. For his part, Prime Minister Ion Chicu called the actions of the agrarians unfounded, noting that the parliamentary opposition is behind the protests.

This year, nearly half of the country’s grain crops have been affected by drought. According to official data, the total damage is estimated at about € 60 million. Assistance to agricultural producers in Moldova in the amount of 275 million rubles was sent by Russia.

On December 6, the elected President of Moldova, the leader of the pro-European opposition Party of Action and Solidarity, Maia Sandu, said that the government of Ion Chicu should resign immediately in order to allow the parliament to dissolve and hold early elections. She accused the current government and parliament of corruption and stressed that the current president, Igor Dodon, is allegedly trying to hold on to power.

On December 3, opposition deputies in the Moldovan parliament did not allow the parliamentary majority to hold a meeting, blocking the rostrum and the presidium, and as a result, a scuffle took place between the people’s representatives.

Earlier, on December 2, Sandu had already stated that the current President of Moldova, Igor Dodon, is trying to “usurp” power in the country. In her opinion, Dodon intends to steal votes. The socialists who support Dodon will continue to try to use parliament to fight against the people of the country and her personally. As Sandu added, they want to interfere with her duties.

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