Doctors told about the danger of a hangover for patients with coronavirus

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Alcohol poisoning can provoke an exacerbation of serious diseases.

Doctors warn of the dangers of a hangover for those who have had coronavirus, writes with reference to psychiatrist Igor Lazarev.

According to him, the coronavirus provokes the formation of blood clots, and the same process is triggered during alcohol intoxication, which can lead to cardiac arrest. A hangover is also dangerous for those who have diseases of the digestive and cardiovascular systems, as it aggravates these problems.

In addition, the nervous system is also at risk. So, in patients with epilepsy against the background of alcohol poisoning, a seizure may begin.

To minimize the risks of a hangover, you need to get a good sleep before the meal and not mix alcoholic drinks. During the feast, it is necessary to maintain a pause between toasts for at least 30 minutes.

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