Doctors named the most “unfortunate” blood group

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Japanese scientists conducted another study and told which blood group causes a high risk of serious injury and even death.

Japanese doctors studied 900 case histories of different patients and concluded that people with the first blood group have a higher risk of dying than everyone else.

In general, according to scientists, the probability of death due to injuries among people with the first blood group was 28%. At the same time, people with all other groups had a similar chance only in 11%

Scientists explain this result in such a way that the first blood group has very poor coagulability, which is why the risk of dying from bleeding is many times higher.

This feature, according to scientists, can be triggered by a low blood plasma glycoprotein content.

But you should not call the first blood group the most “unfortunate”, since in 2018 doctors conducted a study and found out that all people who do not have the first blood group are at an increased risk of problems with the cardiovascular system: by about 9% compared with the owners of the first blood group.

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