Do CBD gummies get you high?

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By henry jackson

Everyone who chooses cannabis preparations for medical or recreational purposes wants to understand exactly what effects can actually be obtained. For example, those who want to get rid of insomnia, pain, anxiety, or other diseases are usually prescribed drugs with prevailing cannabidiol (hereinafter referred to as CBD).

One popular dosage form is high CBD gummies. Patients often worry about whether they have an additional psychotropic effect or whether they can be safely taken before work or pastime with friends. Let’s figure it out!

About The Main Components

The chemical composition of different varieties of cannabis is quite diverse, however, several main compounds can be distinguished in cannabis medicinalis. The main component is cannabidiol, a natural cannabinoid used to treat plenty of diseases, including:

  •       muscle pain;
  •       arthritis;
  •       anxiety;
  •       epilepsy;
  •       post-traumatic disorder, and so on.

The second component, which is contained in large quantities, is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). It has a strong influence on the human nervous system, giving a psychotropic effect. It shows up with:

  •       euphoria;
  •       causeless joy and pleasure;
  •       increased sensory perception.

Thus, preparations from medical cannabis, where CBD predominates, are relevant for treating purposes, while other varieties (Cannabis sativa or Cannabis indica, for example) with predominant THC are used as recreation.

Why Do Patients Think They Can Get High from CBD?

Unlike artificially synthesized molecules, both CBD and THC occur naturally in most cannabis strains. Both compounds can be extracted and then converted into the desired dosage form. Generally, people assume that the effects of these two compounds are similar since both come from the same plant.

This is a popular misconception because CBD does not cause psychotropic effects. At the moment, in most states, only CBD preparations are legally available. However, achieving zero levels of THC is almost impossible, so trace amounts of psychotropics can be observed in medical preparations. The permissible norm is no more than 0.03% THC — anyway, it’s not enough to cause at least some psychotropic effects.

Can You Get High from CBD Gummies?

Given all of the above, the answer is obvious: no. If you buy CBD gummies from a licensed pharmacy, you can get only FDA-approved products with acceptable trace amounts of THC, which are not enough to produce a psychotropic effect.

If you see that the manufacturer of the drug guarantees not only the removal of anxiety, depression, and pain but also a natural way to relax, then you should not think that something is wrong here. Some new research indicates that CBD has a mild antidepressant effect, but without the detrimental psychoactive effects that THC does.

It`s also worth remembering the individual reaction of the body to the intake of CBD. High concentrations of this substance can cause an effect of increased alertness in some patients. This is not the same as a psychotropic effect, but may be mistaken for one.

Thus, CBD gummies cannot make you high in any way, however, higher doses can cause a strong burst of energy. So before taking such drugs, it`s best to consult a physician to know the optimal doses for your condition.