The Additional Advantages Of Undergoing Accent Training

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By Brandon

You may be unaware of this, but working on your English pronunciation may help improve more than simply the way you speak. Improving one’s ability to communicate well in English may take some time and work, but the rewards, both professionally and emotionally, are significant. Let us begin by discussing the process that leads to this result.

Listening Skills

The vast majority of individuals who learn English are aware that comprehending spoken English may be a very difficult task. This is due to several different factors. To begin, there are some sounds in English that you didn’t grow up speaking, such as the letter “th” or the letter “a” as in “an apple,” and as a result, your brain may have trouble processing these sounds. When you participate in an accent coaching, you will learn how to correctly pronounce English words like “bed” and “bad,” as well as “heart” and “hard.” Once you can produce these distinct sounds with your mouth, your ear will be able to distinguish between them when hearing other people speak.


Learning correct English spelling is notoriously difficult, as is common knowledge. To provide just a few examples, the letter “a” can be pronounced similarly to the words “an apple,” “father,” and “place.” Five letters (a, e, I o u) produce 16 distinct vowel sounds. In addition, it would appear that there are several exceptions to every one of the spelling rules.

However, as you continue to work on improving your accent, you will start to pick up on patterns that are, for the most part, accurate. Did you know, for example, that the sounds of the vowels of a word may be altered by adding a “silent e” to the end of the word? This follows a pattern that can be predicted, and it involves the transformation of “short” vowels into “long” vowels; for instance, the bit becomes bite and not becomes a note. Learning the correct pronunciation not only makes it simpler to read aloud and spell, but it also makes it easier to comprehend other patterns of language as well.

A Stronger Voice

To modify your speech pattern and alter your accent, you must first become conscious of your jaw, tongue, and lips, and how they affect the sounds you create when you talk. To do this, I have my pupils perform exercises to strengthen the muscles in their mouths and create a greater sense of control over those muscles. In addition to this, we practice our breathing. It has come as a surprise to me to discover that my pupils have been able to improve their vocal strength and resonance as a result of these workouts. You won’t have to put any extra effort into speaking and your voice will have a more pleasant quality to it if you learn how to breathe correctly, engage the muscles in your lower abdomen, and practice placing sounds in the appropriate parts of your mouth.

Amazing Confidence

The most unexpected additional advantage that they have received is an improvement in their confidence, which we have observed. We hypothesize that this occurs because more people are aware of their actions and the steps necessary to correct them. In addition to this, they are provided with frequent and honest criticism of their delivery from a coach, and they have someone to assist them when they are going through challenging circumstances. All of these things appeared to be unachievable up until the point when they gained the courage to speak their minds about what mattered most to them.