Dmitry Pevtsov spoke about his health

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Actor Dmitry Pevtsov confirmed in an interview with Channel Five on August 29 that he was feeling unwell, but did not complain about his health.

“Excellent health, wonderful! Magnificent. I wish everyone to be sick with such a state of health, ”said the artist.

According to the TV channel, Pevtsov was previously hospitalized from his own apartment. He was diagnosed with pneumonia. It was noted that his condition was assessed as moderate.

The first deputy director of the Lenkom named after Mark Zakharov, where the actor works, Sergei Voltaire, told TASS that the patient was “given 15-16 days to recover.”

“We wish Dmitry Anatolyevich a speedy recovery. He is an athlete and therefore will surely return to duty quickly, ”he said.

The theater’s website says that in the performances where the Singers are involved, the artists will be replaced. So, on September 2, instead of the play “Trap” planned with the participation of the actor, “Va-bank” will take place. The Marriage show, scheduled for September 5, was canceled. The play “Crazy Day, or The Marriage of Figaro” was scheduled for September 6 – now, instead of it, the audience will see the play “Jester Balakirev”. On September 15, instead of the play “Trap”, “Lie to Salvation” will take place.

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