Dmitry Pevtsov denied rumors of being in a coma

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Russian actor Dmitry Pevtsov in another video message to fans spoke about his state of health after hospitalization.

Earlier, information appeared in the media that the artist fell into a coma, but Pevtsov denied these reports and urged fans not to believe the rumors.

“I would like to wish those who publish and compose such nonsense. Without any malice, I would like to wish you that your relatives read such information about you. Just for fun, how do you like it? ” – said the Singers.

The actor assessed his condition as normal. Now Pevtsov is in a hospital in Kommunarka near Moscow. According to him, he is delighted with this medical facility and with “pleasure” would continue to lie there.

Earlier, Singers said that the preliminary diagnosis of doctors was pneumonia, but the test for coronavirus showed a negative result.

On August 29, the first deputy director of the Lenkom named after Mark Zakharov, where the actor works, Sergei Volter, said that Pevtsov was “given 15-16 days to recover.”

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