Dmitry Medvedev was reported on the beginning of the improvement of the Sobino park in Rostov

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In Rostov-on-Don, the reconstruction of the park named after A. Sobino began. On August 5, the winner of the PolitStartup project, Alexander Shabliy, told the chairman of United Russia Dmitry Medvedev about this.

At the end of July, an online meeting raised the issue of the unsatisfactory state of the park. Then Medvedev advised the Rostovite to correctly build relationships with the authorities, the contractor and residents of the Zheleznodorozhny District.

“I am grateful to you for holding such events,” Alexander Shabliy addressed to the leader of United Russia. – We feel the support of the party, which is very important for such young politicians. The improvement of the park has already begun.

Dmitry Medvedev was pleased with the news about the reconstruction of the facility.

– You see how useful it is sometimes to communicate with senior comrades, with mentors, – said the chairman of United Russia. “Glad to hear it is really good news.

It is worth noting that PolitStartup was created to help young candidates prepare for various elections. In 2020, the Rostov region became the leader among the regions of Russia in terms of the number of project participants – more than 700 young Donetsk residents came into politics. Some of the finalists in different years won elections to various authorities, and were also invited to work for United Russia.

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