Distance learning will be introduced in one of the schools of the Kurgan region

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In the village of Zverinogolovsky, Kurgan region, part of the classes of the local school will switch to distance learning from September 1. The reason was not a bad situation regarding the coronavirus, but a major overhaul that is being carried out at the educational institution.

As the parents of the pupils told the news agency “Ura.ru”, the roof of the school was dismantled. They promised that the children will study in neighboring schools, but now they announced that some classes will switch to distance learning. The parents demanded to hold a meeting with representatives of the district education department, but they were refused, citing the employment of officials.

The teacher of the Zverinogolovskaya school, Vladimir Kocheulov, confirmed the information about remote learning to the agency. According to him, from 5 to 7 grades will be transferred to remote control. Parents will be held responsible for education, Kocheulov said.

The agency was unable to obtain prompt comments from the district education department, the deputy head of the district administration for social affairs and the director of the school itself. The agency sent a written request to the department of information and internal policy of the region.

The fact that the Zverinogorodsk school will be overhauled was announced at the beginning of 2020. It was planned to start work at the end of May, but the auction to find a contractor was announced only on June 8th. The work is scheduled to be completed by the end of the year.

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