Disinformation floods social media after Trump reports COVID-19

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The number of posts with rumors and conspiracy theories rose sharply on social networks after the news of the identified coronavirus from US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump. This was reported on October 2 by the Associated Press.

So, on Twitter there were many publications in which it was assumed that the American leader could intentionally infect the Democrats a month before the presidential election.

According to an analysis by the Internet disinformation organization VineSight, about 30,000 users of this social network retweeted messages with conspiracy theories surrounding the infection of the US leader.

In turn, discussions on Facebook related to the fact that Trump could fake illness in order to arouse sympathy from voters or avoid debate with his rival for the presidency, Joe Biden.

Earlier on Friday, Facebook already began tracking misinformation about the president’s diagnosis and began applying verification of posts with false information, the agency writes.

On October 2, Trump announced that he and his wife, Melania, had contracted the coronavirus. As specified in the White House, Trump continues to work, since his symptoms of the disease are mild.

By evening, it became known that the American leader would soon be taken to the Walter Reed Military Medical Hospital in Maryland, where he would stay for several days. Trump will continue to perform his duties remotely.

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