Difference between web hosting and domain registration

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Beginners usually get confused between domain and web hosting. However, the difference between both the terms is huge, and to help you get a better understanding of this concept we have explained eeveything in detail in this article.

The domain can be associated with the address of the website while hosting is the place where all the files and databases of the website are stored.

What is a domain?

For ease, usually, the domain is related to the address of any house that people use to locate your presence. Likewise, the domain is the address of the website, and can access your website on the internet using the website domain name or URL.

Domain has two parts, domain name and domain extension/or top-level domain (TLD).

For example, in case of serversea.pk, serversea is the domain name while .pk is the extension.

What is domain registration?

The domain is required for every website because it is an identity or address and every site needs it. Without a domain, you cannot launch a website. To get a domain, you have to contact a domain registrar. It is a simple, easy, and online process. You can get a domain name from any domain registration in Pakistan.

Domains are unique and there are thousands of websites online. It means a huge number of domains are already taken. Therefore, if you need a domain it is important to ensure that the domain is not already taken. To find this many domains online domain availability checker tools are available.

Moreover, for unique ideas, you can also use domain generators that can help you find available domains related to your niche. Domains are available at a defined cost and need to be renewed after a specific time (at least an year).

What is hosting?

Web hosting is a server space that stores all the information of the website and makes it available to the visitor upon request. Website speed, performance, uptime, and many others features are handled by Web hosting. If the web speed is slow, then the information will not be quickly displayed to the visitor leading to a high bounce rate.

The success and smooth running of the website are determined by the web hosting. Therefore, it is important to choose a hosting plan and provider precisely.

Good web hosting in Pakistan has the following features:

  • It is user-friendly and provides an easy cpanel to the website owner for better understanding.
  • The price and services are affordable without any hidden charges.
  • Offers quality services and has a good reputation in the market.
  • Provides high uptime, good website speed, performance, and security.
  • Give 24/7 customer support and solves all the issues immediately.
  • Lastly, satisfied customers are a signal of a good hosting company.

Various types of hosting plans are available including shared hosting, dedicated hosting, WordPress hosting, cloud hosting, VPS hosting, and managed WordPress hosting. Each hosting has features that make it different from the other. Such plans are designed to cater to the different web requirements.

Therefore, you can choose any hosting plan according to the need of your website.

Final words

Website hosting and domain registration are two different things but both are required for launching a website. A domain and web hosting are required to develop and launch your website.