Dermatologist dispels popular myths about cosmetology

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Dermatologist, cosmetologist Tatyana Egorova dispelled popular myths about cosmetology.

According to the specialist, many clients believe that one visit to the beautician is enough to put their skin in order. However, this is a misconception: for the result, it is necessary to undergo a course of procedures that will gradually improve the condition of the skin.

Also, some people confuse filler and botox. Egorova stressed that these are two completely different procedures that solve different problems, so they cannot be compared. In addition, the popular name of the drug botox is the name of the manufacturer’s brand, while the active substance itself is called botulinum toxin.

There is also confusion with the procedures of mesotherapy and biorevitalization. According to the cosmetologist, they are aimed at improving the quality of the skin, remove the mesh of fine wrinkles, but do not solve the problem of deep and expression wrinkles. The same confusion arises with creams for this problem.

“Care products and non-invasive products that we do not inject, but only apply to the skin, only moisturize the upper stratum corneum. They don’t do anything else, “the Federal News Agency quoted Yegorova on Saturday, February 6.

Egorova drew attention to the fact that many patients associate skin rashes with stomach problems. However, in 80% of acne, they indicate a problem with sex hormones, so when they appear, you should contact your gynecologist-endocrinologist.

The expert noted that cosmetics should be correctly selected, then we should talk about the result. And its price and manufacturer do not speak about quality: if the care products are sold, then they have the appropriate certificates and have been tested.

In addition, the age of the client in cosmetology is not important, the cosmetologist noted, since all procedures are done according to indications.

“Even at the age of 16, for example, there may be creases on the forehead and, in principle, Botox can already be done in small quantities, because by the age of 18 the creases will be formed, and they will not go anywhere,” Egorova emphasized.

In this regard, the cosmetologist urged to monitor the condition of the skin so that later serious procedures would not be needed, and also recommended contacting specialists even in cases where nothing bothers.

“If the skin secretes normally, then, in principle, nothing can be done until the age of 25. We begin to grow old after this age. Collagen and elastin are produced a little more slowly. You can just do stimulating procedures, ”she said.

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