Deputy Chief of Police of the Kalmyk Ministry of Internal Affairs hit a pedestrian

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In Elista, on Radonezhskogo Street, a foreign car hit a pensioner who was crossing the road, as the police noted, “outside the pedestrian crossing.”

The woman received a closed craniocerebral injury, concussion, contusion of the soft tissues of the frontal region, shoulder and hip joints.

There are hundreds of such incidents in any locality, you say, but the piquancy of the incident lies in the fact that the Toyota-Camry was an official car, and the deputy chief of police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the Republic of Kalmykia was driving, as indicated in the report of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the city Elista entitled “Accident involving a police officer.”

According to local telegram channels, the police colonel personally took the victim to her home for some reason, promising to come for her and take her to the hospital, but did not appear again. And then the injured pensioner had to get to the emergency room on her own.

From the act of forensic medical examination No. 375 of the republican narcological dispensary, it became known that the colonel had no signs of intoxication.

The department for work with the personnel of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation for the Republic of Kazakhstan was engaged in an official check on the fact of hitting a person.

By the way, this is the second case this year with the participation of a senior police officer. On March 20, an accident occurred in Elista due to the fault of an employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kalmykia.

As the press service of the department reported then, the 49-year-old policeman, driving a Ford Mondeo car, in violation of the requirement of a road sign “No entry”, drove along a one-way road on Gubarevich Street and collided with Kia Rio and Toyota Camry cars, as a result of which foreign cars received mechanical damage.

As a result of an official check, the colonel from the internal affairs bodies was dismissed.

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