Deputies staged a fight over a provocative poster in Ulyanovsk

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In Ulyanovsk, during a meeting of the regional legislative assembly, a fight broke out between the deputies. “Ulpressa” writes about this on Wednesday, July 29.

The main participants in the scuffle were the representative of the Communist Party faction, Vice-Speaker Airat Gibatdinov, and a supporter of United Russia, Alexander Chepukhin, chairman of the budget committee. The cause of the conflict was a provocative poster with the words “Doves” posted in the building of the Legislative Assembly. The poster, which featured two government officials, hinted at homosexuality.

REN TV posted a video of the scuffle.

The video footage shows one of the parliamentarians attaching a poster. The reaction of the people’s deputies was not long in coming. Chepukhin was the first to try to disrupt it and swung at Gibatdinov – it was the director of his security agency, as the regional publication specifies, and posted the “poster”.

This was followed by a fight, in which several people got involved at once. The blows of the fists of the representatives of the authorities flew in different directions and reached not only the instigators of the scuffle, but also the parliamentarians who were trying to separate them.

It is not specified whether any of the officials were injured as a result of the fight.

On July 23, the deputies staged a scuffle at a meeting of the Saratov Regional Duma.

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