Deputies instructed the Ryazan mayor’s office to develop a document on the survival rate of trees

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In Ryazan, a document on the survival rate of trees may appear. This initiative was made by the deputy Roman Khudyakov at a meeting of the housing and communal services committee of the City Duma on Thursday, November 19.

The idea arose during a discussion of the issue of improving the Sevastopol Alley. Yuri Furfurak, the head of the city improvement department, said that trees will be planted in the green zone next week. The deputies asked if the plantings would take root.

According to the official, the planting will be carried out by a specialized organization, which confirms that the trees will not die.

The deputies decided to instruct the Ryazan administration to develop a document based on the practices of other regions on tree survival.

Note that upon the death of trees in the park on Novoslobodskaya, the Ryazan administration filed an application with the arbitration court for the contractor’s obligation to eliminate this defect within the framework of the warranty.

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