Demidov roads became the subject of conversation between the governor and the Smolyans

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Governor Alexei Ostrovsky on Instagram held a meeting with residents of the Demidov district. The meeting was attended by the head of the district Alexander Semenov. Residents of Demidov, in particular, were interested in when the repairs in Nakhaevsky lane would end. The head of the district explained that the shift in terms of repair occurred due to bad weather. The renovation work on Nakhaevsky Lane will begin on 17 August. Alexey Ostrovsky drew attention to the fact that by October 1, all road works on the section under consideration should be completed.

Residents of Gaevskaya and Avdeenkova streets also raised the problems of road repairs. The head of the Demidov region promised that these streets will be repaired in September this year.

Road signs will be installed on Sovetskaya Street and pedestrian crossings in the area of ​​the children’s playground will be installed. This year, the municipality received more than 42 million rubles for Demidov and the village of Przhevalskoye – in terms of financial resources – more than five annual budgets of the regional center. This helped to solve most of the road problems, to equip more than 3.5 kilometers of sidewalks in places where there were none.

The streets Kooperativnaya and Potemkina need major repairs and the regional authorities will give appropriate instructions.

The head of the region drew the attention of Alexander Semenov to the condition of the Demidov-Ponizovye road. According to the head of the Demidov district, part of the repair work on this site has already been carried out, the bulk of the work will start next year.

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