Defense witness in the Efremov case successfully passed the polygraph

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A witness from the side of the defense in the case of a fatal accident involving Mikhail Efremov successfully passed a lie detector, said lawyer Elman Pashayev. “I met him twice. I passed it through a polygraph, ”the lawyer clarified, TASS quoted him as saying.

Thus, witness Alexander Kobets claims that Efremov was not driving the car at the time of the accident. The vehicle, he said, was driven by a man under 40 with dark hair.

The lawyer himself called the video a fake where a drunk Efremov is helped to get out of the driver’s seat after an accident. “The last video is a low-quality fake. Efremov had black shoes that evening. And a man in white sneakers got out of the car. This is a low-level production, ”the lawyer explained.

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