December 16: what absolutely must not be done on Ivan Molchalnik

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On December 16, in the Orthodox tradition, it is customary to remember the Monk John the Silent (in Russia he was also called Ivan the Silent, the Silent).

According to legend, John came from a wealthy family, while still a child, he took up the study of Scripture.

When John was orphaned at 18, he spent his inheritance on building temples and monasteries and helping the poor. It is known that for many years he served in the Lavra of Sava the Sanctified. In the period from 482 to 491 he was listed as a bishop in one of the Armenian churches.

The last years of his life he led a hermitic life, living in a cave. John had the gift of a healer, his prayers healed even seriously ill people.

Our ancestors tried to keep silent about Ivan the Silencer. Shouting and singing on this day was not accepted. People believed that the quieter you spend this day, the happier the year will be.

On this day are strictly prohibited quarrels and conflicts, especially with a loud showdown. It is strictly forbidden to quarrel with family members, especially when it comes to conflicts between spouses. So, according to legends, the spouses who quarrel over Ivan the Molchanik will spend the next year in scandals and abuse.

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