Day of John the Evangelist: what should never be done on October 9

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This Friday the church celebrates the repose of the holy Apostle and Evangelist John the Theologian, the beloved disciple of Christ.

John the Evangelist is one of the most revered Christian saints. He is the only one of the apostles who lived to a ripe old age.

In Russia, all artists, icon painters and pilgrims prayed to John. He is also revered by everyone who is related to books and publishing.

Things to do on October 9

On this day, it is customary to pray for those who passed away without confession, ahead of time, as well as for unbaptized babies.

According to popular tradition, the day of remembrance of John the Theologian must be spent in the world. This year the holiday falls on a fast day and precedes Pokrovsky parental Saturday

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What was categorically forbidden on the day of the Apostle John the Theologian

– It is forbidden to use foul language. It is believed that this can bring illness and turmoil to personal relationships.

– John is considered the apostle of love, therefore, on the day of his memory, one cannot quarrel, argue and sort things out.

– The saint has always helped people, so today it is absolutely impossible to refuse those in need.

– Our ancestors tried not to use cutting objects on this day, so as not to “cut off relations” with those who are dear.

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