Day of Ivan Chrysostom: what absolutely must not be done on November 26

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On November 26, Orthodox Christians honor the memory of John Chrysostom, who was the archbishop of Constantinople.

There is information that he was born about 347 in Antioch, and that his father was a distinguished official. However, the family soon lost its breadwinner, the boy was raised by his mother, who did not want to remarry, but devoted herself entirely to her son.

In Russia, on this day, people went to church early in the morning and prayed to John (Ivan) Chrysostom that all deceivers and bribe-takers would be overtaken by God’s just punishment.

In addition, there was a tradition on this day sculpt dumplings and dumplings, it was believed that the more it turns out to stick and eat, the more successful life will be. It is also good to go to Zlatoust to road. Travelers are in luck today.

It is impossible on Chrysostom, use swear words and expressions in speech, otherwise your prayers may not be heard.

You cannot borrow and / or lend. The ban applies not only to money, but also things, objects, etc.

You should not make fateful decisions on this day. In addition, there is a ban on haircuts – it is not recommended to have a haircut today.

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