David Limbaugh: Criticism of Brett Favre for golfing with Trump show intensity of left’s hatred of president

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A recent seemingly insignificant news story disturbingly reveals the intensity of the American left’s intolerance and authoritarianism. Coupled with the left’s ongoing mission to destroy our cities, this is an ominous sign of what America will look like if the Democratic ticket wins the presidency.

The story was published by the Sportscasting website under the headline “Brett Favre Faced Social Media Backlash Thanks to Donald Trump.”

After detailing Favre’s NFL quarterback accomplishments, the writer gets to the point: “Favre may have faced criticism for how he handled his few final seasons with Green Bay, but it hadn’t damaged his reputation as one of the all-time greats. However, he may have just made a choice that will alter how many perceive him off the field away from football.”


The story goes on to say that Favre’s reputation “may have taken a significant hit with what he did by playing golf with President Donald Trump.”

Favre faced serious hate and backlash on social media, according to the writer. “There are reasons for people to pile on that choice as some believe Trump is the representation of disappointing flaws, both morally and ethically, during his presidency,” he writes. “Regardless of what Favre does moving forward, he will forever be associated with the president. It may have only been a picture, but a picture in many ways can say a thousand words.”

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Notice that this wasn’t even about Favre making a controversial political statement, such as celebrities make at their self-idolatrous award events. He just played golf with Trump, which triggered enormous social media backlash from the left — similar to the blowback NFL quarterback Drew Brees received for having a family photo with the president — to say nothing of how Brees was condemned for speaking out against kneeling for the national anthem, until he groveled, apologized 3,000 times and reversed himself.

This should be no surprise to anyone. Cancel culture is a creature of the left. Leftists are the ones who comb the recesses of Internet archives for any morsel of damning evidence they can use to destroy people’s careers over a politically incorrect opinion uttered even many years ago. Leftists are the ones who feel free to drive conservatives out of restaurants.

emo to leftists: We reject your depiction of Trump as a racist. We reject that he’s dangerous for America; the opposite is the case.

How many people do you know who would be afraid to put a Joe Biden bumper sticker on their car or a Biden sign in their yard? But ask around and you’ll find tons of people afraid to publicly support Trump.

This is about more than destroying people’s careers for refusing to own the latest leftist cultural fad or identity politics command. It’s about the wholesale demonization of half of America’s population — the half that supports President Trump.

Observe how glibly the writer just assumes that it is a given Trump supporters are tainted by their support. Notice how he doesn’t even question the moral legitimacy of the backlash Favre received. Instead, he affirms it. He doesn’t just say Favre’s sin was playing golf with Trump but “what he did by playing golf with … Trump,” as if to double emphasize the innocuous act. Can these people not hear themselves?

The takeaway from this story has little to do with Favre, who serves merely as a convenient prop — as representative of all Trump supporters.

Brett Favre golfing with President Trump

Brett Favre golfing with President Trump

Conservatives are not allowed to express their opinions in America’s dominant media culture. They are not allowed to like President Trump. Their entire character will be called into question if they do.

The irony is that the left created Trump politically. It is the very type of intolerance the left now displays toward Trump supporters that birthed the environment in which Trump emerged. Most Trump supporters see him as the last best hope to save America from the nihilistic, unforgiving, despotic and violent left.

The left desperately pushes the narrative that if you support Trump, you are a heartless, racist, sexist homophobe, relying on its slanderous caricature of Trump as all those things.


Memo to leftists: We reject your depiction of Trump as a racist. We reject that he’s dangerous for America; the opposite is the case. And we fervently reject your word about much of anything, as you’re still shamelessly spreading the ludicrous lie that he’s a Russian agent.

The left has now come fully out of the closet and shown its unquenchable contempt for America and how far it is willing to go to overthrow our constitutional republic. Given the radical leftists’ abominable behavior, do they really think they can shame us for supporting the main human being standing in the way of their revolutionary aims?

No, we won’t apologize for supporting President Trump. And the more extreme the left shows itself to be, the stronger will be our resolve.


If the left and its enablers want to compare notes, we’ll be happy to do so. A vote for presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is a vote for anarchy, for the disintegration of law and order, for economic paralysis, for stunning intolerance and for the forfeiture of America as we know it, to the incalculable detriment of Americans, especially the younger generations who may not realize the full import of this would-be voluntary abolition of our liberty.

Unlike the left, we won’t personally condemn Biden supporters, many of whom are our friends. But we do scratch our heads over how so many decent people can be utterly clueless about America’s fate under the iron rule of a Democratic Party that has sold itself to leftist extremists.


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