Dave Chappelle returns to ‘SNL’ — 4 years after saying he’d ‘give Trump a chance’

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Comedian Dave Chappelle, who hosted “Saturday Night Live” hours after the election was called in favor of President-elect Joe Biden, opened his monologue by reflecting on his great-grandfather who was a slave.

Chappelle said after his great-grandfather was freed, he dedicated his life to education, Jesus and freedom for Black people. The comedian mentioned his relation because he said he had been thinking about him all day as the election was called, wishing his ancestor could see how well his great-grandson had done in show business.

“If he could see me now, he’d probably say, this n—- has been bought and sold more than I have,” he laughed in a moment that began an edgy, yet thoughtful stand-up bit. The comedian used the N-word at least twice more in a performance that aired uncensored by NBC.

Chappelle’s appearance on the first “SNL” show after the 2020 election — which included no jokes about Biden — bookended his hosting gig four years ago, when he helped soothe the minds of distraught liberals who were worried about a Trump presidency after the New York businessman defeated Hillary Clinton.

“I’m going to give him a chance,” the comedian said about Trump at the time. 


Dave Chappelle also hosted "Saturday Night Live" on Nov. 12, 2016, after Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton. (Getty Images)

Dave Chappelle also hosted “Saturday Night Live” on Nov. 12, 2016, after Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton. (Getty Images)

Four years later, Chappelle seemed less inclined to giving the president another chance but empathized with disillusioned Trump supporters.

That didn’t stop him from mocking the president. 

“Now Trump is gone,” Chappelle said, before joking about Trump’s response to the coronavirus, saying when he heard the president call it the “Kung-flu,” he said to himself, “You racist, hilarious son of a b—-,” adding, “I’m supposed to say that, not you. It’s wrong when you say it.”

He also recalled when Trump mused about disinfectant’s effect if it were to be injected into the body in some way to combat the virus.

“The Secret Service is going to have to childproof the White House now,” he joked. “He’s trying to drink the bleach!”


Chappelle said that when Trump contracted the coronavirus, news organizations reported everything about it except that it was “hilarious.” He compared it to the late Queen singer Freddie Mercury getting AIDS.

“Nobody was like, ‘How did he get it?’” Chappelle said.

He added that Trump had a really “good health care plan” that picks him up from his house in a helicopter to take him to the hospital. And after he got back from the hospital, Chappele joked, Trump “walked right into the house and killed four more people.”

The comedian also compared Trump telling Americans to not let the virus “dictate your life,” to a person eating burgers at a homeless shelter, telling the homeless not to let hunger dictate their life.

“What kind of man makes sure he’s OK while his friends fight four their lives?” he asked angrily, referring to former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain’s death from the virus and former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s time in the ICU.

Regarding the election, Chappelle told the audience it’s good to be a “humble winner,” reminding them of when he hosted the first “SNL” after Trump’s 2016 win.


“Remember how bad that felt?” he said.

To any White people in the country who are struggling and feel like no one cares or police officers who are treated badly by the communities they serve, he said, “I know how that feels.”

He added that while some people hate others because they feel like no one cares about them, “I don’t hate anybody,” he said. “I just hate that feeling.”

And just as he urged calm after Trump’s 2016 election, the comedian stressed forgiveness four years later.

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