Darkness-gloomy: on Sakhalin a huge school of rudd blocked the river

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In the Dolinsky District on Sakhalin, near the fishing town of Rure, local fishermen discovered a huge shoal of rudd. The May cyclone that suddenly hit the island drove the ice to the rivers, and a school of fish got stuck in the ice floes.

“Rudd is darkness, darkness! I’ve never seen such a thing! ”, – the author of the video happily informs. He came to the river with his son and brother.

A huge school of fish blocked a river on Sakhalin

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The video was posted on the rybalkasakhalin Instagram page. The heroes of the video are mainly criticized: rudd on Sakhalin is considered a trash fish and is suitable only for cutlets.

“Lord, why do you need it. What greedy people, ”users write.

In a blizzard, some fishermen not only went to the rivers, but for some reason went to sea: some of the missing are still looking for.