Daring antics: drunk mother made a row in kindergarten

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A drunk 36-year-old resident of Sevastopol violated the measured way of life in a kindergarten. But she had to sort things out not only with the educators, but also with the employees of the National Guard.

The press service of the department said that an alarm signal was received from the city preschool institutions at the security console. An outfit was immediately sent to the kindergarten.

Upon arrival, the law enforcement officers found out that the mother of one of the preschool children behaved inappropriately. A drunk woman who showed up at kindergarten did not like the work of the staff. She scolded loudly, knocked forcefully on the door of the group in which the children were playing, and threatened the teacher with violence.

The Rosguards detained the rowdy and handed her over to the police. This was not the first time she was brought into law enforcement. On the fact of the incident, they began to check.

The kindergarten workers notified the child’s family of the incident. Grandfather had to take the preschooler home that evening.

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