Dakar plastic fashion week against environmental pollution

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Ignoring the coronavirus, the annual Dakar Fashion Week has come to an end.

The restrictive measures related to Covid-19 forced the organizers of the event to move the podium to the street, in the shade of tall, centuries-old baobabs. The theme of Senegal Fashion Week is environmental protection. 20 designers from the African continent, whose works were previously inaccessible to the mass consumer, took part. The fusion of modern trends with traditional African imagery stands out clearly against the background of everything that the European viewer is used to. Despite the chosen theme of fashion week, especially relevant in Africa, ironically, there was a distinct smell of plastic melting in the air in the air. The event took place outdoors, in a sunny and hot Dakar, respecting social distancing norms, and a separate plastic umbrella was brought for each plastic chair. Also, the ground near the venue was littered with plastic cups and plastic water bottles.

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