Dad’s dance video goes viral during his daughter’s presentation

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The dance of the father of a schoolgirl from the American state of Oregon during the video presentation for the lesson won over the Internet users, and the video gained viral popularity, writes the Daily Mail.

At the beginning of the video, a girl named Delaney Jones said that she was going to do paper crafts, played the Kidz Bop Kids song Uptown Funk and, taking glue in her hands, began the presentation.

While the schoolgirl was going about her business, her father Isaac entered the kitchen and began to dance and clap his hands. At first the girl did not notice him, and then she continued to work with the words that it was “just her daddy”.

A few moments later, the man took his younger brother Delaney in his arms and began to shake him in his impromptu dance, and then the older brother of the girl joined them and began to sing along with the performers.

“What’s wrong with this family?” – Delaney was indignant, but continued to do the craft.

The video ended at the moment when the girl ran for the sparkles, and her older brother stood in front of the camera. Later, the girl’s mother Jennifer decided to check her daughter’s school application and saw this video.

“I hope her teacher was laughing as hard as I was,” the woman wrote on her Facebook page, posting a video.

At the same time, the woman noted that Isaac did not know that the video was intended for a teacher. During the week, the video was viewed more than 10 million times, the viewers were amused by the father’s dance and the behavior of the children.

In October, a resident of the Comedy Club Garik Kharlamov recorded a conversation with a telephone scammer who pretended to be a bank employee on video and posted it on his Instagram page.

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