CSKA criticized the words of Cherchesov about the players of the Russian national team

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In the capital CSKA, the coach of the Russian national football team Stanislav Cherchesov was criticized for his words about the players of the national team, which were said on the air of the federal channel. The corresponding statement by PFC CSKA was published on Wednesday, November 25.

The club’s management expressed surprise at the specialist’s statements about the game of the Miranchuk brothers and Fyodor Chalov.

“In sports it has always been true that the coach considers himself to be guilty of failure or defeat. And Mr. Cherchesov not only becomes personal, but considers himself entitled to offend other people. This is not the first time this has happened to our club, ”the statement says.

As noted in the club, the players of the national team also have a personal opinion about the coach, but they will never express it on the air of the TV channel or on the pages of the print media.

“But his view and the view of the football community are very different. It seems that Cherchesov is still looking at the football field from the gate, “- follows from the message.

As “Sport-Express” specifies, the coach of the Russian national team Stanislav Cherchesov expressed his opinion about the players.

“Better“ talentless ”(Anton) Zabolotny – let him not take offense at me, it’s not me who call him that – than“ golden ”Chalov (CSKA forward – Ed.),” Cherchesov said.

The day before, on November 24, Stanislav Cherchesov commented on the crushing match of the team with the national team of Serbia in the UEFA Nations League. He said that he was shocked by the result of the match, but was not going to retire because of this.

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