COVID19 in Spain: several neighborhoods of Palma de Mallorca cordoned off

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BARCELONA | The inhabitants of several districts of Palma de Mallorca, capital of the very touristy Spanish Balearic archipelago, will be isolated from the rest of the city due to an explosion of cases of coronavirus, local authorities have announced.

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These restrictions will come into effect on Friday.

The 23,000 inhabitants of these four densely populated working-class neighborhoods located away from the most touristic areas will not be able to meet more than five and will only be able to leave the isolated area to go to work, school or home. doctor.

If they can move freely within the area, the regional authorities have nevertheless called on them to go out only for essential activities.

Palma has a total of 416,000 inhabitants.

According to the regional health manager, Patricia Gómez, these four neighborhoods have “the highest community transmission (of the coronavirus) in the Balearic Islands”.

As of September 5, this area had recorded 496 cases of coronavirus per 100,000 inhabitants over the last seven days, almost three times more than the total incidence on the island of Mallorca, she detailed to the press.

These restrictions, in effect for at least 15 days, also include the limitation to 50% of the capacity of bars, restaurants or shops, the closure of restaurants at 10 p.m. or the total closure of parks and halls. sport.

These neighborhoods of Palma are added to the long list of municipalities or neighborhoods temporarily subject to targeted lockdowns due to the explosion of cases the country has been experiencing since July.

Spain was the first country in Western Europe to surpass the 500,000 officially recorded COVID-19 cases on Monday.

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